Solara Slimtracker

The Solara Slimtracker is designed, tested, and manufactured by Solara for cost-sensitive applications where small size and low cost is key. Using the Iridium Low-earth Orbit satellite system, the Slimtracker transmits and receives messages in less than a minute anywhere on earth with a clear view of the sky.

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Real-time GPS tracking protects and optimizes your most valuable assets by:

  • protecting personnel and vehicles, aircraft or vessels through instantaneous knowledge of their location, no matter how remote;
  • lowering your fleet fuel expenses, insurance costs and lost labour time; and
  • locating stolen vehicles and items anywhere in the world.

How it works
Operation is simple and automated with:

  • automated transmission of unit position at user-settable intervals;
  • two-way text message communication using the Iridium satellite system, ensuring every message is successfully sent;
  • internal rechargeable battery, with several charge uptions including solar charging with the provided solar panel;
  • an ability to send an alert notification signal to anyone monitoring the Slimtracker;
  • Alerts can be routed to your organization's command centres or monitored through an optional add-on service. Two-way communication ensures you can tell the person monitoring what the alert is for;
  • manual and quick-start sheet to get you up and running quickly;
  • easy user configuration of optional settings through the secure Solara User Web site; and
  • system access options through Solara to suit your needs.


Additional accessories are available from Solara for purchase, including custom cabling, external antennas and mounts.