Features that Make Solara Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 the most Versatile and Reliable Personnel Trackers in the World

Solara Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 are designed, tested, and built by Solara for easy portable use in the toughest, most extreme environments.

Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 Work Everywhere

Using the Iridium Low-earth Orbit satellite system, the Field Trackers transmit and receive messages in less than a minute anywhere on earth with a clear view of the sky.

Designed to Endure a Wide Temperature Range

The Field Trackers are engineered for outdoor use in a wide temperature range. Materials and electronics have been chosen to ensure top performance across the operating temperature range of -40C to +65C.

Low-temperature Colour Display

The leading-edge colour graphic display is sized to provide the best balance of low power use to maximize battery life, while providing essential information to the user. The unique display technology was chosen for the ability to work across wide temperature ranges. The Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 display is still visible at -42C as indicated in the photo below - probably the only screen type capable of such clear operation at such low temperatures!


Unique Vent Seals against Water while Allowing Air Pressure to Equalize

The Field Tracker 2100 and 2000 is waterproof and has been designed to exceed the standard of immersion in water to 1 meter deep for one hour. In fact, testing has shown it can tolerate over double this depth.

Tested to Operate at High Altitude

Even while being a completely sealed unit, The Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 has passed tests with the equivalent air pressure of 40,000 feet (12,000 m). This is possible by the use of a unique vent seal that allows air to flow in and out of the unit, while stopping water.

Confirmation of Transmissions

Operating on the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) system, a status report is received from the Iridium satellite the Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 is connecting with that confirms whether or not the transmission was successfully received. When that is confirmed, a graphic screen message, a flash of an LED and a short audible tone tells the user the message was successfully received by the satellite.

Know the Battery Voltage and Temperature - Locally and Remotely

The Field Tracker 2100 and 2000 gives you a readout of the battery voltage on demand and a battery "fuel gauge" quick-look on the top right of every screen. The general level of the battery (high to low) is also sent over the air with each routine position message - so the people monitoring your progress know how much power the Field Tracker batteries have left.

GPS and Iridium Strength display

OK, so Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 knows it's location - the people monitoring you know your location - so, how do YOU know your location??

The Field Trackers answer that question for you! A readout of GPS information is given on request.

The GPS information screen also provides a bar graph of the strength of the Iridium satellite signal being recieved at that moment. This way if you need to send a message will the sky blocked by mountains, you know whether it will get through right away or whether you need to move to a better spot, or just wait until a satellite is visible.

Messages Stored

What if you are too busy to read text messges sent to you while you work? Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 store the last 10 messages received, with a date and time stamp, so you can read them when you have the time!

Antennas are Protected by the Case

One thing about the Field Tracker 2100 and 2000 - it is robust. One of the reasons it can withstand back country use is that the Iridium and GPS antennas are safely protected inside the case.

Menu for control

With a graphic display, Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 give you unprecedented contol for an automatic GPS tracker and text messaging unit.

Set Transmission durations - by Remote Control or Unit Menus

You control the time interval between each automatic GPS position transmission. Set it to as little as one minute, or to many hours through the on-screen menu.

The time interval between each automatic GPS position transmission can also be set remotely, from the User Login Area.

Time Zone

Since the time is displayed on the top left of the screen, you can set the time in number of hours less than GMT, 0 to 23, in half-hour increments.

Audio Tone

The audio tone alerts you to when GPS and text messages are successfully confirmed to be received by the satellite, and to alert you when a message or remote control command has arrived. There is also a "get their attention" feature where a command issued from the user login area of the web page can remotely command a Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 to beep constantly for one minute to get the attention of the person carrying it. If someone is unexpectedly stationary for a long time, this is one way to get their attention if they are not answering messages.

PLB specifications

In order to ensure reliability and effective operation in time of emergency, Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 were built to as many SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon standards as practical. Although the Field Trackers are not a SARSAT device (it only transmits over the Iridium Satellite system), this standard provides many practical requirements that are used enhance the reliability of the Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 operation:

  • Separate "On/Off" and "Emergency Alert" switches.
  • The "Emergency Alert" switch is recessed into the case to prevent accidental deactivation.
  • The "Emergency Alert" switch is covered by a switch guard that reminds the user not to use the switch as a power switch, and help prevent accidental activation.
  • The "Emergency Alert" switch will also turn on theField Tracker 2100 or 2000.
  • There are instructions on the case of the Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 instructing the user on how to operate the "Emergency Alert" feature.
  • The Field Tracker 2100 and 2000 were built to sustain a wide temperature range, shocks and vibration.
  • The "Emergency Alert" switch can be activated by one hand with mitts on.
  • On activating the "Emergency Alert" switch, Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 persist in sending out the alert message continuously.

IR program update

The infrared LED in the side of the Field Tracker allows for updated the internal firmware without having to open the sealed case.

Alert function

The "Emergency Alert" function works to take advantage of the 2-way nature of operating on the Iridium Satellite system:

  • One activating the "Emergency Alert" switch, the Field Tracker attempts to gain a good GPS lock, then searches for Iridium satellites until one is found.
  • Once an Iridum satellite is found, the Alert message is transmitted.
  • Immediately after transmitting the Alert message, a menu pops up on the screen. The user then scrolls up or down to highlight the reason for the emergency, then pushes the "Enter" front pushbutton to send the reason.
  • The Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 waits for an acknowledgement reply message from the User Login Area or a monitoring centre (if subscribed to 24/7 monitoring or the organization's own dispatch/monitoring centre).
  • After receipt of the acknowledgement message, the user in the field can then exchange text messages with the person monitoring the transmissions so that the nature and urgency of the emergency can be defined. The person sending the Alert has assurance that their call for assistance is being dealt with and help is on the way.

Power from Many Sources

Probably the #1 concern of devices in the back county is power. Even the longest-lasting batteries will always go dead sometime! Therefore, the Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 are equipped with internal rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries and a built-in automatic battery charger.