The Solara Field Tracker 2000 is designed, tested, and built by Solara for easy portable use in the toughest, most extreme environments. Using the Iridium Low-earth Orbit satellite system, the Field Tracker 2000 transmits and receives messages in less than a minute anywhere on earth with a clear view of the sky.

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The Field Tracker 2000 base price includes:

  • Field Tracker 2000 unit
  • carrying case
  • operator's manual, quick-start sheets and log-in information sheet

Choose from the following additional cost items to customize to your needs:

  1. AC to DC charge adapter
  • CSA approved 110V AC to DC adapter with "cigarette lighter" accessory power connector OR
  • UL approved 100V to 240V universal adapter with connector cord. International plug adapter choices are avialble for Australia, UK, Europe and most of Asia
  1. Power Cord
  • vehicle accessory power connector that provides power to the internal battery charger and also runs the Field Tracker 2000 directly from vehicle power for 12 V systems OR
  • vehicle accessory power connector that provides power to the internal battery charger only, for 24V systems
  1. Optional foldable solar panel sized to fit into the carrying case outside pocket (recommeded for users carrying the Field Tracker 2000 into areas without external power)

Please Contact Solara regarding details on purchasing the Field Tracker 2000.

Real-time GPS tracking protects and optimizes your most valuable assets by:

  • protecting personnel in the field through instantaneous knowledge of their location, no matter how remote;
  • lowering your fleet fuel expenses, insurance costs and lost labour time; and
  • locating stolen assets anywhere in the world.

Rugged construction for harsh conditions
Field Tracker 2000 is designed and engineered with:

  • rugged, waterproof metal and high-impact plastic exterior;
  • a sealed battery compartment;
  • antennas integrated into the case for maximum protection; and
  • vibration and shock tolerance.

How it works
Operation is simple and automated with:

  • automated transmission of unit position at user-settable intervals;
  • two-way text message communication using the Iridium satellite system, ensuring every message is successfully sent;
  • internal rechargeable battery, with several charge uptions including solar charging with the provided solar panel;
  • an ability to send an alert notification signal to anyone monitoring the Field Tracker 2000;
  • Alerts can be routed to your organization's command centres or monitored through an optional add-on service. Two-way communication ensures you can tell the person monitoring what the alert is for;
  • manual and quick-start sheet to get you up and running quickly;
  • optional cold-weather battery kit for extreme cold operation;
  • simple configuration of the Field Tracker 2000 using on-screen menus;
  • easy user configuration of optional settings through the secure Solara User Web site; and
  • system access options through Solara to suit your needs.


If you wish to order additional accessories from Solara, they are available for purchase. Special items, including cast aluminum RAM mount for snowmobile, ATV and vehicle mounting, direct battery connection electrical line filters with cord and lithium battery cold weather kit are also available.