Solara Field Tracker 1000

The Solara Field Tracker 1000 is designed and tested for off-road and marine use in the toughest, most extreme environments. Using the Orbcomm Low-earth Orbit satellite system, the Solara Field Tracker 1000 transmits and receives messages within 1 to 30 minutes in mid-latitudes. It is not intended in high polar latitudes due to lag times of up to 6.5 hours, depending on satellite positions.

  • Solara Field Tracker 1000 operation is simple and automated.
  • Rugged waterproof mobile hardware unit for personnel and asset tracking.
  • Ideal for external mounting on off-road vehicles, boats and trucks.
  • Optional configurations operate from internal battery or external power and battery.
  • Nominal operation is to record a GPS position every 12 minutes, with 5 GPS positions transmitted per transmission once per hour.
  • Use the Solara Field Tracker 1000 on multiple vehicles. Additional power cables available for installation on different vehicles. Includes military quality connector, cold-weather rated power cord, and battery mounting eyelets.
  • Designed and tested for use in the toughest Arctic environments: Lifetime guarantee on the protective case against any breakage.
  • Waterproof military-spec connector for external 9 - 18Volt DC power supply.
  • GPS antenna protected inside the radio-frequency transparent case.
  • VHF whip antenna for communicating with Orbcomm satellites mounted directly to the case lid. Antenna may be bracket-mounted externally as an option.
  • Mil-spec sealed power and “Alert” distress switch with switch guard is mounted internally on machined aluminum bracket. “Alert On” and “Alert Reply ” indicator lights are also incorporated into the bracket.
  • Closed-cell foam liner absorbs vibration and shock .
  • Power cord rated to -40°C .
  • Orbcomm provides economical routine services to Solara clients.

Please contact us about purchasing information and monthly subscription information.
Monthly Subscription: $19.99/month for 3 year contract, $24.99/month for 2 year contract.



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